The Biggest Agricultural Show in Namibia



Constitute a vital ingredient to sectors like financing, insurance, energy, transport, .....



Large and Small livestock breeds, as well as Animal Farm....



Predominantly outputs from, manfacturing, production, processing, value-adding....



WIAS has created a fun, interactive setting for kids and parents. Packed with activities, games, prizes and more.

Exhibitions are a great opportunity for exhibitors to connect with prospects through face-to-face communication and engagement, rather than through cold calls or emails. As an exhibitor, you can interact with attendees to inform them of your company, its offers and its value in a more relaxed and personal atmosphere. Trade shows provide access to sometimes hundreds of attendees you can turn into prospects. These are numbers that are difficult and time-consuming to obtain through sales calls or emails lists.

When you make the decision to exhibit, you should extend an invite to your existing customers to attend and interact with your company at your exhibition stand. Exhibiting presents you with an opportunity to meet with customers you currently or previously worked with to strengthen your relationship with them and encourage future purchases. By reaching out to your current customers it reinforces your commitment to your customers and helps to strengthen their loyalty.

One of the most valuable experiences an expo offers is face-to-face communication with prospects and professionals. Engaging with someone in person to close sales or discuss business opportunities is more effective than through email or phone. At an expo, you have the opportunity to communicate with attendees face-to-face and build a mutually beneficial relationship that you can continue to develop through ongoing communication via email or phone calls. Attendees can feel introduced to your brand and your staff physically, rather than hearing about it on the phone or online.

The ideal attendee will come to the event seeking meaningful interactions and a willingness to invest in products or services. Engaging with these attendees provides the opportunity to increase your sales. This can be achieved with either on the spot sales at your exhibition stand or by gathering leads and following up with these after the expo to close any sales. Putting in the effort to interact with attendees and increase your sales will also help you increase your ROI, making the event worthwhile for your business.

Exhibiting is one of the most effective ways to build your brand image. Having a creative and eye-catching custom exhibition stand will help your brand stand out at an expo, while still reflecting your brand. There are many ways you can have a great stand; from overhead signage and themed graphics, to LED lighting and giveaways. At an expo, your company’s values, accomplishments, and everything you stand for are exhibited on the show floor so it's important to make them stand out. Attracting visitors to your stand will also help you to create positive relationships with them, which develops a positive brand image.

There’s no use introducing your product, service or brand to the wide world if you’re not reaching an audience that has a genuine interest in what you offer. Exhibitions are targeted towards a specific industry and the people interested in that industry. If you choose the right expo to attend then you can assure that you will be able to communicate to a receptive market who can relate to and value your business. Exhibiting at an expo saves you time and energy researching companies within your target market to contact by sending the right people straight to your door step (or exhibition stand).

If you have a brand-new product or service, there’s no better way to introduce them to the public than at an expo with product demonstrations. This attracts attendees to your exhibition stand to interact with the product and learn about your brand, presenting you with an opportunity to engage with them and capture any possible leads. Product demonstrations at exhibitions are also a great way to ensure your product or service is reaching the correct audience.

Advantages to Exhibit With Us

Our mission is to deliver high-value, high-impact experiences to event attendees and the people they influence. We are in the business of changing hearts and minds.

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House Keeping rules

Ehibitors opens: 10h00

Visiting hours daily: 11h00 - 22h00

Entrance Fees: Adults - N$40 Scholars - N$20

Free Entrance: Minors and Pensioners

Season Ticket for the entire period: N$115

Single Entry Complimentary Tickets: N$40

Benefits for VISITORS:

1. Affordable entry

2. Show Specials offered by Exhibitors

3. Family entertainment provided by the visiting Merry-go-Round and Fireworks display.

4. Large variety of food outlets

5. Socialising

6. Education

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