We can do it for you if you request in no less than 14 days before the exhibition begins. Before you get in touch with us you need to confirm whether your name board is editable with your organisation. We emphasize that the name boards must be uniform throughout the show. You are also limited to 20 characters, this includes spaces.

If you need a bigger - or smaller – stand, your get in touch with the front office staff, will be able to help you arrange something new.

No, you would need a reinforced wall panel, a display panel or a TV stand. A reinforced wall panel is a 5mm thick wooden panel which provides support to anything you want to hang on the wall. Shell scheme wall panels can hold a hanging item of up to 2kg in weight.

Yes, at an additional cost. However, we are not able to install items on an exhibitors stand. We can only offer labour if logistics is contracted. Let us know what you need us to do and we’ll get you a quote.

No, for health and safety reasons you’re not allowed to expand beyond your stand area.

You can apply vinyl stickers or double sided tape directly to your wall, but no permanent fixings such as hooks, screws, nails or paint. All of our panels are reusable so we need to make sure they’re in top condition for the next exhibitor to use them. If you want to install a completely seamless graphic panel, talk to our graphics team.



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Get in touch with our team and get help.